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What is a Frock?

Removes oil, reduces shine… naturally!

The Frock or Facial Rock is an evolutionary way to eliminate excess oil and shine from the face. Your Frock is a natural, unprocessed river rock that possesses the amazing ability to instantly remove excess oil produced by the skin, helping guard against differences in appearances and leaving the skin with a beautifully matte finish.

The Frock works in place of many expensive, extravagant skin care products and may, over time, reduce the fundamental cause of acne: excess skin oil or sebum. Never before has the fight against oily skin seen a product so simple, so effective and so completely natural.

The Frock: Effective, Convenient, Inexpensive and Naturally Eco-Friendly!

Frock, The Facial Rock has a unique relationship with each person it encounters. Removing excess oil from your skin is just the beginning of your friendship. You will take the Frock everywhere with you. Keep it in your purse or pocket.

River & Trees

Key Features of the Frock









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