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Announcement of the new website

We'd like to announce that our website has recently launched and is now live and ready for business. Our hope is that the new website provides to the information and communication necessary to become a valued customer of our company.

The Struggle

If you struggle with the daily annoyance of a shiny face that resembles an oil slick, you know how difficult it is to get oily skin under control. Adding to your frustration, whether you know it or not, is the fact that many of the products claiming to eliminate shine and reduce oil actually make matters worse because they contain ingredients that irritate your skin and trigger more oil production!

T-Zone Tips

If you have oily or combination skin, chances are good you struggle with your T-zone. If you're unfamiliar with a T-zone, imagine drawing a "T" on your face. Your T-zone consists of your forehead, nose and chin. These are common places for excess oil, acne and blackheads for people who fall in the oily or combination skin type.

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