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Benefits and Care
Use the Frock anytime. Anywhere. For anybody!


Removes excess oil from the skin


100% All-Natural - No damage to you or the environment


Completely unique - No two Frocks in the world are alike


No other skin care product like the Frock exists anywhere


The skincare solution for any age

Color, shape, and size will vary.

Small imperfections are a natural part of your Frock. There is no other Frock like yours in the entire world. The slight imperfections make your Frock, well perfect!

Not for children under 3 yrs.

Frock DOs (care & tips)

  • Before using, wash with soap and warm water. Rinse & dry naturally.
  • After each use, simply renew your Frock by washing again with soap and warm water. Dry naturally.
  • In colder months, place me on a windowsill or car dashboard for soothing warmth.
  • In summer, place me in the refrigerator or next to car A/C vent for a really cool experience!

Washing Frock

Close Up of Frock

Frock DONT's

  • Don’t microwave or boil me
  • Don’t skip me in the pool
  • Don’t put me up your nose
  • Don’t throw me at your brother
  • Don’t’ place me against your skin when too hot. When using in a hot vehicle, first place in front of an A/C vent before placing on your skin.


Place the Frock on a warm surface – window sill, dashboard, etc. – for a mini spa experience during use! Or cool it in the refrigerator for use on hotter days!

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